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Automatic Fingerprint Lock With Surveillance Camera Password

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Automatic Fingerprint Lock With Camera

Product Information:
Style: modern and simple
Scan time <1(s)
Service life: 10 (ten thousand times)
color: grey
Collector: Semiconductor fingerprint
Sensor: Capacitive
Fingerprint capacity: 100
Password digits: 6-12 digits
Main material: aluminum alloy
Power supply type: rechargeable lithium battery Emergency power supply: Android interface
Lock cylinder type: C-level lock cylinder
Product feature: automatic lock when closing
Product size: width 80MM/height 410MM/thickness 73MM (including handle thickness)
Unlock method: fingerprint/password/card/key/small program to unlock

A: Online version-unlock record + try to open the phone to alarm, no lock body
B: Cat’s eye version-video surveillance + try to turn on the phone to alarm, no lock

Automatic Fingerprint Lock With Camera
Automatic Fingerprint Lock With Camera


Automatic Fingerprint Lock With Camera


Automatic Fingerprint Lock With Camera

surveillance camera


Remote control

Weight5.550 kg
Dimensions470 × 260 × 120 mm



A, B


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