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Anti-theft alarm GSM mobile phone card alarm wireless intelligent alarm system home

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Anti-Theft GSM Alarm System

Product introduction:

  1. 7 wired and 99 wireless defense zones.
  2. Code up to 8 wireless remote controls.
  3. LCD display, built-in clock, intuitive and convenient.
  4. Voice prompts throughout, easy to operate.
  5. Built-in intercom speaker, support external speaker
  6. Regular arming and disarming: 3 groups of regular arming and 3 groups of regular disarming.
  7. Preset 6 groups of alarm calls, the host will automatically dial the voice alarm.
  8. Preset 3 groups of SMS calls, the host will automatically send SMS alerts.
  9. 10 seconds manual recording message.
  10. Built-in digital voice device, artificial intelligence automatically broadcasts the alarm situation.
  11. Built-in Chinese short message, sent automatically by artificial intelligence.
  12. Telephone handset, dialing through the host keyboard can talk to any phone.
  13. One-button control, go out to arm, arm at home, remote arm, remote phone arm.
  14. Alarm location programming: help, fire, gas, door lock, hall, window, Balcony, perimeter warning.
  15. Immediate, delayed, 24 hours, bypass multiple zone programming functions.
  16. Wireless learning code matching, adding new accessories is convenient, fast, safe and efficient.
  17. Remote remote control, host arming, disarming, monitoring, intercom and other functions.
  18. Event record query: The host automatically records all information of 40 alarm events.
  19. Multiple Arming Modes: Remote Arming in Real Time, Delayed Arming of Outgoing Host, Stay Arming of Host at Home
  20. Arming at a specified time and remotely arming a remote phone.
  21. Priority line grab alarm: No matter the incoming or outgoing call, the alarm occurs when the phone is talking.
  22. The main unit will interrupt the call in progress, and give priority to the alarm call.
  23. Built-in AAA NI-HM rechargeable battery pack, power failure alarm function.


The configuration includes:

Alarm host + 2 remote controls + 1 infrared probe + 1 door sensor + power supply + wired siren

Anti-Theft GSM Alarm System
Anti-Theft GSM Alarm System


Anti-Theft GSM Alarm System


Package included

Weight0.830 kg
Dimensions84 × 125 × 25 mm





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