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  • JW-360 Multipurpose communication network line checker


    JW-360 network line checker Model: JW-360 Power specifications: DC, 9V laminated battery Color specifications: 235 x 147 x 45mm Maximum working current: transmitter 10ma receiver 30ma Transmitter specifications: 125 x 50 x 25mm Signal transmission format; multi-frequency pulse Receiver specifications: 177 x40 x 25mm Kit specifications: 230 x 147x 38mm Signal transmission distance: 1KM Battery specifications: 7.5*26.5*48.5 Test lead length: 165mm Product description: Open circuit short circuit test: The transmitter function selection switch is moved to the alignment position, and long press the <Toggle> button on the transmitter for 2 seconds. At this time the <line sequence> lamp changes from bright to normal. Secure …

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