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Tag: Adjustable Power Supply

Adjustable Power Supply

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  • LM2596S Step Down Buck Converter Adjustable Power Supply Module – Voltage Regulator


    LM2596S Step-Down Buck Converter Description: Name: LM2596S Step Down Buck Converter; Size: 43x21x14mm (LxWxH) Input Voltage: 3.2-35V; Adjustment: First connect the input power supply correctly (between 3.2V-35V), then use a multimeter to monitor the output voltage and adjust. Output Voltage: 1.25-30V continuously adjustable (No-load debugging is recommended) Output Current: Rated current 1A, MAX 2A (Need heat sink), if output power is more than 15W, please add heat sink. Series: Buck Module Type: Power Module Supply current: 3A Power supply voltage: 1.5-35V Power: W Number of stitches: standard Model: LM2596 Weight: 0.023Kg

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